Data Privacy Statement

<p>We are delighted about your interest in our services. Medisana AG (hereinafter "Medisana") attaches great importance to data protection and data security in particular.</p><ol><li><strong>Personal Data</strong><br /> Information which is used in order to be able to draw conclusions about you, in other words personal or factual circumstances, must be understood under personal data pursuant to the German Federal Data Protection Act.<br /> <br /></li><li><strong>Data Collection and processing</strong><ol><li>Medisana collects and processes information to be able to furthermore offer you optimal services in the future. Personal evaluation of your data does <u>not</u> take place. During use of VitaDock Online Services only your internet service provider's address, such as IP address or URL, the website name, from which you have visited us, the website, which you called up with us and the date and duration of your stay is stored by default. These anonymised surveys are entirely processed internally and are not forwarded to third parties. What's more, <u>no</u> personal user profile is created in this way.</li><li>Additional personal data, such as name, address and email address are stored separately within the scope of the setup of a user account. The corresponding mandatory fields to be filled out are marked here. All information requested in addition may be optionally specified and will also be stored by us.</li><li>The vital body values prepared by you will be stored separately from your other personal data.</li><li>We reserve the right to analyze and aggregate your anonymized health-related data for internal purposes. This way we're e.g. able to calculate average values and compare these against values of other users and groups of users with comparable health characteristics. According to our privacy declaration, we'll ensure that your anonymity is being preserved. <br /><br /></li></ol></li><li><strong>Use and Forwarding of Personal Data</strong><ol><li>All of your personal data prepared for creation of your user account is treated as confidential by us and is not forwarded to third parties without your consent. Your personal data is used by us only to answer your questions and for internal preparation of statistics. Exceptions only exist in the case of forwarding your data to governmental institutions and authorities per law.</li><li>The vital body values prepared by you may be accessed from the mobile devices activated by you and authorised third parties pursuant to the <a href="" target="termsOfuse">Terms of Use</a>. For this purpose we use theOpen Authentication (OAuth) process, which is also described in detail in the terms of use, to secure your data. Data is always passed on in anonymised form. Allocation of retrieved data sets about you is made via the account with the respective third-party application. You grant your consent concerning this via authorisation of the third party.<br /> <br /></li></ol></li><li><strong>Use of Cookies </strong><ol><li>The website uses "cookies", text files which are stored on your hard drive. This text file contains information about your visit on our website. The file can only be read by "" after storage. Other websites cannot look at or process this stored data. By the same token "" cannot look at any cookies, which have been stored on your hard drive by other websites that you have visited.</li><li>You may prevent installation of cookies via appropriate setting of your browser software. However, we point out to you that in this case you may possibly be unable to use all functions of this website in their entirety.<br /> <br /></li></ol></li><li><strong>Consent </strong><ol><li>We will log your consent concerning data collection and storage. We will inform you when and how you have given your consent on request. If you should not give your consent we request your understanding that you may not use VitaDock Online Services. <br /><br /></li></ol></li><li><strong>Data Security </strong><ol><li>We utilise extensive technical and organisational security measures in order to protect your personal data from deliberate manipulations, loss or access by unauthorised third parties. These measures are constantly improved within the scope of applicable data protection laws and in accordance with technological developments. Erroneous or suspicious hits are temporarily recorded for early detection of possible attacks on the VitaDock Online Server in order to guarantee constant security.</li><li>Nevertheless we would like to point out to you that despite our security measures, information which you voluntarily release over the net may be used by others. Thus we cannot assume any liability for unauthorised access to your data by third parties. <br /><br /></li></ol></li><li><strong>Changes </strong><br />We reserve the right to change the data privacy statement at any time with due regard to applicable data protection regulations.<br /> <br /></li><li><strong> Contact <![CDATA[&amp;]]> Right to Information </strong><br />Please contact us for further questions or suggestions concerning the data protection topic. In addition, you may obtain information at any time about the data stored by us concerning you. On request, please write to:<br /> <br /> Medisana AG, Jagenbergstr. 19, 41468 Neuss.<br /> You may gladly send an email to <a href="" target="medisanamail"></a> as well.<br /> <br /></li><li><strong>Right of Objection</strong><br /> Furthermore, you may revoke your consent for collection and storage of your personal data by Medisana at any time. On request, please write to the above-mentioned address or send an email.</li></ol><p>Effective: 06/15/2012</p>